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Breeding Contract -  Hall Decked Out

  1. The fees for this stallion consist of a non-refundable booking fee of $_________ and service fee of $_________ which are due and payable prior to the shipping of semen. These fees are made payable to Jean Whitton and must be received prior to scheduling shipments.
  2. The stallion fees are based on a live foal guarantee. Should the breeding not result in a foal able to stand and nurse, the mare will be bred back at no additional fee. A veterinary certificate is required. The return service is valid for the following year only and only if the stallion is still breeding.
  3. Should Hall Decked Out become unfit for breeding, this contract is null and void.
  4. Should__________________die prior to full term, we will provide a free service to an approved mare for the _________breeding season.
  5. This contract is not assignable or transferable.
  6. All shipping and collection fees are payable directly to Stand and Deliver Farm. (address below)

The mare owner shall pay a lab fee of:

$50.00 (semen evaluation and preparation). In addition the following:

Collection and overnight shipment…$150.00
Collection and insemination on the premises…$100.00
Collection to be picked up at Stand & Deliver…$100.00

These fees will be taken from a $200.00 container deposit, which is due before first semen shipment. Any remaining deposit or fees that go over deposit will be billed or refunded at end of breeding season on or around August 15 of the year mare is bred.

This contract, dated _____________, by and between Jean Whitton/Huntmaster Farms, and ________________________, mare owner.

ADDRESS:__________________________________________________________ PHONE:___________________

By their signatures to this contract, the mare owner confirms a reservation to breed the mare:

NAME:_____________________ REG.#_________________

Sire:______________________________________ Dam: _________________

To the stallion_HALL DECKED OUT_,under the above terms and conditions.

__________________________________________ __________________________________________
Mare Owner Date Jean Whitton Date
It is the mare owner’s responsibility to contact and make all shipping arrangements with:

Dr. Barbara Siegel
Stand and Deliver Farm
514 Carltion C. Rd.
West End NC 27376

910-690-6904 Mobile