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HarleyOf all of the babies I've worked with, Harley (Hall Pass) is by far the calmest, sweetest, and most level-headed youngster I've been around. He is even more well behaved than a six year old gelding I used to show regularly on the A circuit!

He quietly stands cross-tied to be groomed, bathed, and clipped, and he trustingly marched right on the trailer the first time we asked. I've been doing a fair amount of natural horsemanship ground work with him, and he has proved himself to be a very quick learner and basically unflappable.

At 14 months old, he nonchalantly "wore" a big blue plastic tarp over his body, and he was completely unfazed (in fact he was intrigued) by a life-sized blow-up alligator that we dragged around the ring with him. To top it off, he possesses the excellent movement that I've witnessed in all of the Hall Decked Out babies that I've seen. Although I told my husband that I purchased Harley as an investment horse, because of this wonderful start to his training, I now think I've found my next amateur horse that will be with me for many years to come.

Christine Bernschein

What can I say about "Hall Decked Out"? We collect a number of stallions of various breeds, he is the most laid back. When people come to see and meet him, it is difficult to get him to show off his his lovely gaits, because he prefers to visit, and nuzzle.

Those who have shown against him know all too well how he moves, and we've heard more than once,"I decided if you can't beat him, breed to him." Having bred 3 of my own mares to Rod, I can say that his "lighter than air" way of going and mild mannered, personable, temperament came through to all of the foals.

Dr. Barbara Siegel, DVM
Stand and Deliver Farm
Southern Pines, NC

CatawaumpusHaving been Rod's rider and trainer since his young age of three we have developed a strong bond. Since I have such a rigorous training and showing schedule I was initially reluctant to have a stallion in my barn however Rod has always shown himself to be a gentleman in every way. Even at the height of breeding season I can take him from the horseshow to the collection facility and right back into the ring.

He conducts himself like one of the geldings. He truly loves to show and always captures the spectators eye with his spectacular jump and hunter movement. I have owned and trained several of his young offspring who have all inherited his manners, movement and trainability. This horses wonderful disposition sets him apart from other stallions.

Don Sheehan
Southern Pines, NC

Vie JolieI am extremely happy with my filly. She is now 18 months old and about 15 hands. She shed out dark bay with a white star. She has a tremendous personality. She is very affectionate, very smart and very willing. I was breeding in large part for temperament, so I am very pleased. I"m told she also has good conformation and while mostly TB by pedigree, does look very "warmbloody" with good strong bones and joints.

Holly Harrington


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